How to write date in a nice way in templates and reminders?

I try to make my invoice template no speaking ghetto
so I would like something like due Monday April, 16 2000
and in French preferably which I believe in PHP is represented by L dd F Y

my setup

  • Language: Français - Canada
  • Format Date: Mon Jan 31, 2000

my template

Voici la facture de [numéro] au montant de $amount, payable le $due_date.

the result

…due the 02/Aug/2021.


at least Lun Jan, 31 2000
which in english would be: Mon Jan, 31 2000
but notice, in French Canadian the long format date is DD, MM YYYY and not MM, DD, YYYY

What I tried

In the template I tried different variatio of

  • {$date:dd\ mm\ yyyy}
  • {$date: L dd F Y}
  • {$date::L dd F Y}
  • {$date::L dd F Y}


The {$data… format is supported for invoice numbers, not for dates in the emails.

@david @ben any thoughts?

ok so if I understood well, I could contribute to the “translation”, because I saw other abomination like Font translated as Fonte (which means melting in English)

but I’m pretty novice with transifex, I just received the message:
You joined the French (Canada) (fr_CA) language. what is next ?

It would be great if you could help improve the language translation but it won’t affect the date formatting.