How to translate dynamic variables in Recurring invoice?


Just a short question. I would like to creat Recurring invoices. I used the :MONTH and :YEAR variables in the public section like this:

“Zeitraum der Leistungserbringung: :MONTH :YEAR”

Unfortunally this leads in PDF preview to

“Zeitraum der Leistungserbringung: February 2021”

But “February” is english word an the german is “Februar”. So it´s not translated. System is full customized to German Language.

So any hint how to get content of dynamic :MONTH variable in recurring invoices translated to german?



Have you tried sending an actual test invoice or are you using the preview?

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just looked in preview. Because I´m on live system. But I tried to send it now. And you are right: In sent invoice it´s correct. So only preview i wrong - but I can live with it.

Thanks for help.

Best regards,

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