How to track email log

Hi is there any way we can track whether the customer received the email or not and opened the email time etc… for paid invoice confirmation?


You can see in the app if the invoice was viewed by your client.

If you use Postmark to send emails the app supports their webhooks to track opens/bounces.

@david anything to add?

That sums it up pretty much.

Unless the client clicks on the link, we don’t know if the client has viewed the invoice… Email tracking can only be done if using a transactional email service such as Mailgun or postmark

Not that I’d use it, but mail providers like mailjet or mail gun only inject a tracking url into the mail and hope it will be loaded. So I guess this could be done by invoice ninja, too. But then again it’d be probably the same as when the user clicks the link to the invoice.

So, where is the actual log?

If it’s under client system logs, I’ve just run into a situation where it looks like invoices and payment receipts might not have been sent for the last three months!

Also, there’s a ton of activity in activity dated today when there shouldn’t have been any activity. I’ve just gone in to figure out what’s happened to the emails.

Better try Mailgun. this saved me lots of time. with invoice ninja, Mailgun works perfectly. which gives you reports of which mail went and bounced. and you can resend it again from the Mailgun itself