How to show *Invoice Title* in our Dashboard and in the customer dashboard?

We used a custom invoice field to add a section called Invoice Title. This is INVALUABLE.

Now we need to see this title shown on the dashboard. Would be fantastic if we could have it show as such:


Without this column header is a big pain, as we have many invoices of the same amount and we have to constantly click on each to see which is the one we are meaning to open.

Thanks for the help!

You need to self host the app and modify the code to make this change.

Alright, we aren’t at a place now to do that. Would this be considered as a future update to the software? Or in 2.0?


We’d definitely consider this in v2.

v2 will be based off our new mobile app which currently shows custom fields in the list view.

Was this ever done?
Invoice Title really needs to be in the grids. I’m still on version 1 self hosted, not v2 yet, but wondered if this featured was ever added…

In v5 you will be able to configure the list of columns

Where are we now in terms of released versions Hillel and how long is v5 roughly likely to be?

We plan to release the v5 beta within a month