How to set deafult company

when my companies got migrated from v4 to v5 the default company is now the last company in my list of companies.

in v4 i believe the default was the first company in the list

is there anyway to set the default so each time i revisit the app the company i want is the deafult?

It isn’t currently supported but we could consider adding it.

The admin portal should remember the last company you were looking at, when you refresh the page is the company changing?

the admin portal is NOT remembering the last company for me, no.
yes, when i hit refresh, the company selected is always the last company and not the one i am actively working on

i have five companies.

if i do not refresh, or do not close the tab and come back, the active company stays the active company, but the moment i refresh, or close tab and come back to the site, its always the last of 5 companies loaded

Ok, thanks! We’ll look into it.

@hillel just letting you know, this issue still persists on my end, i assume its not just me. any luck tracking down the issue? v5.2.17-C56

It’s possible you have more data than is allowed to be store in local storage, I believe the current limit is 5MB. We’re looking into changing to IndexedDB in the future which should resolve the problem. If you use macOS or Linux you may want to try the desktop app, it shouldn’t have this problem.