How to send recurring invoices earlier than the supposed date

Hey fellow ninjas!

I found myself in a situation where I can choose to leave it alone but there’s a voice in my head that keeps nagging me about it.

I’ve had CRON problems with InvoiceNinja, with CRON problems I mean no CRON available (to keep it simple).

So in the beginning I’ve watched everyday the recurring invoices to check when I needed to send one but a few got send much later. Now that this is resolved I wanted to solve those few invoices by sending them manually on the correct date but InvoiceNinja doesn’t let me, I keep getting the message that it’s too early.

Is there a way to solve this without archiving the old ones and creating a new one?

Would changing the date in the DB solve this or is this a no no?


You can change the start date in the app to allow the app to send the invoice.

@hillel That’s what I thought but he won’t. I’ve tried clicking on “Email invoice” but because the one last year was sent much later than the starting date he won’t allow it.

For example:

Start date: 24/01/2021
Last sent date: 05/02/2021
Clicking today on “Email invoice”: It’s too soon to create the next recurring invoice, it’s scheduled for 05-02-2022 8:00

Have you tried changing the start date and re-saving the invoice?

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@Hillel why didn’t I think of that?