How to send an email CC to mutiple recipients in Invoice Ninja

Is this allready possible in V5 (hosted)? If so how do I do that? I tried commas and semicolons but it doesn’t seem to work.

If not, are there plans to make it available?


@david can you please advise?


It certainly is possible when using a comma separated list of emails. I believe we allow up to 5 cc’s per email.

I get a 422 error see attached screenshot.

I blurred out the emails but in the cc I tried:,
and also,

And also the semicolon

Hi There,

I’ve double checked this. We’ve enabled multiple BCC’s (Settings > Email Settings) however multiple CC’s on the email page are not yet enabled.

I have enabled this for the next release, in the meantime, this will only work with a single email address

Looking forward to the next release. BCC’s are not usefull in my usecase. Sometimes clients want invoices sent to like payments-general email, manager-email and direct-contact email. Using settings sets BCC to all invoices (and other clients) while I only want to set that per invoice.

When is the next release planned?