How to save invoices as draft after importing

I’ve a lot of issues with importing of invoices from Zoho.

  1. When I selected source as “Zoho”, I get this error message: Property [customer_name] does not exist on this collection instance.

  2. How do I import the invoices and save them as a “draft” rather than to have them “sent” automatically?

  3. When importing, I’m unable to map the headers to custom headers such as discounts and shipping fee. I’ve tried this many times. Is it possible to do this at all?


You may want to consider using v5 instead, we’re still fixing security issues in v4 but don’t plan to improve the import.

Can you advise how I can upgrade to v5 for self-hosted option? I would need to update my developer.

Regarding question 2 above, do you have any advice for me on how to save the invoices as draft after importing and not to have them sent automatically?

To upgrade from v4 you need to install v5 as a separate app and then use the migration tool in the latest version of v4 on Settings > Account Management.

Sorry, it isn’t supported.