How to resize manually all columns in product table?

Hi there,

I’m trying to configure my custom pdf design. Problem is, I can’t resize columns in product table. I tried resizing by CSS styles, even give it an !important. Sadly nothing worked.

I heard on GitHub in some thread that there is possibility of using custom product table design, I guess from Products tab in editor. How to use it?



@ben do you have any ideas how to best support this?

Hey there, thanks for reporting this. The “Products” tab is actually still work-in-progress, so you cannot use that yet.

It should be possible to do this with column-width, column-count CSS properties, can you please share with us what have you tried?



Thanks for the answer. I tried using width and height on columns, old habits from CSS2. column-width and column-height works like a charm. Once again, thanks.

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If you could post the snippet you used so others have it for reference, that’d be awesome.

… or even better PR changes into our docs, if you have GitHub account:

Thank you!

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