How to reset url and credentials Android App

Is there any way to reset the credentials and or url from a previous installation. I have tried on windows as well without any success. I have tried to uninstall on android. App is freezing and ghosted. No possibility to make any changes on the app.

Any assistance or ideas is highly appreciated and I thank you in advance for sharing any kind of information.

Hope I’ll get it to run. But without any success I can’t use this type of software due to the lack of change of so basic settings


Which version of the Android app are you using? I’m not sure what would explain ghosting but if you could record a video it’d be helpful to review.

If you can access the app you can use the logout option in the menu, otherwise you can delete the app’s data in the Android settings to login again.

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Hello Hillel,

thank you for your advice and assistance. That did the trick on one hand, Android.
So weird, that I tried exactly that before.
But now I could delete all cached and user data from that app. Which general user would definitely not do.
The same with the windows app, I could delete all user specific data in %user\AppData\Local\Packages\InvoiceNinja.InvoiceNinja_xyz13digits\Settings
%user\AppData\Local\Packages\InvoiceNinja.InvoiceNinja_xyz13digits\LocalCache\Roaming\Invoice Ninja\invoiceninja\shared_preferences.json

Oh boy. I did not think that this would be so odd and laborious to accomplish. However, finally I got there, I want to be in.
So how a normal user would do this, I really wonder?

With ghosting, I was trying to explain, that there were menu list items (in the apps) but not clickable or not visible anymore.

So hopefully, this will help anybody who is maybe in the same situation as a quick and dirty workaround. And furthermore, I hope this will be get fixed in future updates. I was going to recommend this to many friends and customers, but this to fumble for me.