How to resend a password for client

My client is unable to log in after he lost his password/link.
When he tries to reset his password here: the system gives him the message that his session has expired and he needs to click a link in the email (which he has deleted).

How to give him the access again?

I have found if I go to CLIENTS > EDIT CLIENT I can just assign a new password. I wish you could send the password every time so they just have it. I just want to keep the invoice from freely being out on the web.

In Edit Client I have only Delete Client and Archive Client. Nothing more.
I can’t find anything which gives mi the reset password for client possibility anywhere in the system (self hosted).

Which version are you using? I think this should be fixed in v4.1.3.

If you click ‘Edit Client’ on the client overview page you should be able to manually set a new password.

We use one-way encryption to store the password so aren’t able to include it in later emails.

Click the actual words EDIT CLIENT on the button itself, not the drop down arrow and you should get where you need to be.

I use version 4.1.3. Just updated it few minutes ago.
Not helped.

So what I’m trying is this:

  1. I’m entering the clients
  2. In the client pane there is nothing like “reset client’s password”… so
  3. I’m clicking “Edit Client” and in the Edit client pane there is no such a thing like reset password whatsoever.

I even did “php artisan view:clear” just in case the view was cached. But there is nothing like reset password anywhere.

On the edit client page there should be password text input where you can enter a new password.

OK. The field exists. Thank you.

Has this changed?

I don’t see any password field under the Edit Client section.

This is an old post for the v4 app, it looks like you’re using v5.

In v5 clients set their own password when they initially access the client portal.