How to remove or hide the App Link Download and text from login page v5?

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to remove or hide the app clink download and text from the login page (mobile and desktop). What would be the best way to do this?




Can you explain why you’re trying to hide the link?

Note: you may want to review the app’s license.

Hello hillel, this app is for admin usage only, our clients will click on the login area from the url itself, and see the app link thinking this is an app for them to log in to their client panel, creating thus more support for us, etc.

I know my clients, and they like to click on things and create support requests constantly.

The login page is for admins, this link isn’t visible in the client portal.

I think this is probably the solution.

Seems correct we just want to keep our clients from accessing the admin login page, that would solve all, it’s not wanting to remove anything, but a client shouldn’t have access anyway to an admin login page.

Has there been any update to this as i see this is a feature request, or is there a workaround, temporarily if not?


We are using v5.8.36

Sorry, I’m not aware of a workaround

After purchase of a white label license, I still see that the app link is still visible. I figured since this would take off the branding, that the link would be removed, but after inserting the key, now the invoice ninja logo, has been hidden, but the app link and text is still visible on the admin login page.


The white label license removes the branding from client facing parts of the app.

Removing the branding from the admin portal requires a reseller license.

Hello hillel,
So the reseller license will this actually take off the app link from admin area, since I have no intentions of reselling this product, we use this only for monthly hosting invoices.


The reseller license would allow you to modify the code to remove the branding.

If you aren’t reselling the app then it wouldn’t be a good solution.

We will not be modifying any code, just trying to find a solution to hide the app link, based on the license terms.


I think the best solution will be the GitHub issue linked above.

Hello hillel,
Forgive me if I seem confused, but the link above which we established yesterday, (Default login route to client portal · Issue #5858 · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub) is not a solution, but a feature request that was posted in 2021.

Please correct me if I am missing something?

If the client login is the default it would be harder for your clients to find the admin login.

Where would the default be set for the client at, in .env file I see APP_URL only, DNS redirect maybe or?

Setting the default isn’t currently supported, the GitHub issue is requesting that support be added.

We have established that at this time there is no way at this time to remove the app link and text, which btw goes directly to the invoice ninja download, so the branding is still there.


This is for the admin portal, the white label license only applies to the client facing parts of the app.