How to record a refund

If I refund an item. How do I record the refund after the invoice has been fully paid. If I edit the old invoice to remove the item, the customer has a negative balance which I can’t seem to record the refund/payment against. If I raise a new invoice to record a negative number of items in the sale, once again indicating the item has com back, I can’t seem to record the refunded amount (negative payments) back to the customer.

Thanks for your help.

Try deleting the payment

Would that work if the person has paid with a credit card through stripe?

How would I match the original stripe payment and the stripe refund to the edited invoice.

Is the only limitation in the current software that we can’t choose an invoice with a balance of 0 or less from the payment dialog? If so, it would seem like a relatively easy thing to change to allow a negative payment (refund) against an invoice.


With our latest version (to be released to this weekend) we support refunding Stripe payments from within the app.

So, do you just make the refund in Stripe? I don’t see anyplace to issue a refund in InvoiceNinja. Please explain how to record a refund for a Stripe payment.

On /payments if you click ‘Select’ you should see a refund option.

Is there a way to do a partial refund??

On /payments click ‘Select’ then ‘Refund Payment’

Hi Hillel,

I’ve issued an refund and on /payments it no longer says “completed” but “… refunded”, which is correct. However, on /invoices (where I keep it sorted by unpaid balance), the invoice shows up as partially unpaid, which is incorrect. How can I correct it?

Thank you

Are you saying you processed a full refund but it only partially refunded the invoice?

Did the invoice have multiple payments?

No, I’m saying I processed a partial refund, acknowledged on /payments as a refund but on /invoice as if the client had made a partial payment (it was actually one payment, paid in full, then a partial refund). It shouldn’t show the invoice on /invoices as if there is a balance to be paid but acknowledge the refund as such, just like on /payments.

If you processed a partial refund then then the client effectively made a partial payment.

Another option would be to create a credit note (ie, a negative invoice) rather than a payment refund.

99% of my clients only pay once so a refund needs to be a real refund, paid out to the client regardless of any future invoices.

And no, a partial refund doesn’t mean a partial payment. There is a very substantial difference between the two, which hopefully I don’t need to explain. The system needs to know the difference. On /payments, the system knows that it was a partial refund and not a partial payment, so obviously the data exists correctly but is being processed wrongly on /invoices. Can it be fixed on my side or does it need to be fixed on your side?

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll keep it in mind for v2…

Thank you. In the meantime, how can I prevent fully paid invoices from showing up in red as partially unpaid?

Not sure the best solution, you could manually add a payment for the refunded amount.

My work around has been - Creating an Expense with a category called “Refund”. I then tie it to my clients name and then put in a public note with invoice number and why. Public Note shows up in the list when you search or visit the expenses list.

If you go to client list you can click expense and see the refund issued.

It’s the best I can figure out, but I really like it tied on the invoice so if you had to go back to that invoice you can print it out showing all or part refunds.