How to properly use expenses and billing


I paid $145 as an expense for a client to buy a piece of equipment, I added as an expense in my invoice ninja, I want to bill the client to pay $170.

The client obviously knows hes paying a % on top of the original price but I of course prefer not to show him exactly how much.

What is the best way to doing this?

  • Create an expense
  • Mark it billable
  • Mark as paid
  • Then make a separate invoice with the new amount?

Will this show in the Loss & Profit tables for example?


You can invoice the expense to create an invoice directly from the expense.

This would be included in the P&L report.


Thanks for the fast reply.

If i do that it will show the original price of the expense. Or should i modify the invoice to show my asking price?

It will set the original price but you can adjust it before saving the invoice.

Thank you :slight_smile: This should solve it for me.