How to process this credit


I had an invoice that was a partial deposit, then the rest was supposed to be paid on the 16.

While working on the project I added an item to the invoice, as discussed with customer. At one point after that decision, I decided not to use the resource discussed and do it myself, but it was there on the invoice and I told customer that I was going to edit properly the invoice and give another week for last payment.

I didn’t get to it and the automatic message went out. Customer’s accountant paid the invoice.

I want to know how should I go around to give that credit into the next invoice I have to do for her. I know I can do a “discount” but I want the previous invoice actually showing what she paid for and not put it just as a “discount” which is NOT actually what it is.


One option may be to create a payment or credit for the extra amount the client paid to be used for a future invoice.

Yes, but HOW? I tried deleting that line from the invoice, and what it did was put it in negative and maDe it “past due”. When I created a new invoice for that customer, it doesn’t show a credit. I don’t want it to be “doubled” in the reports.

If you want to update the invoice to remove it you’d also apply a partial refund to bring the balance back to 0.

If you create a payment or credit you’d need to wait for their next invoice to enter a payment using it.