How to modify invoice calculations?


Thank you very much for this amazing software. I have browsed through a million items but finally I got this, easy to use and fast.

Please help me on a problem which I am stuck from last few days.

I need to add cost + quantity + discount. Currently it is Cost X Quantity - discount.
I tried editing invoice.php but no result. Please help.

Thanks in advance
Tony Thomas

This would be a non-trivial change, you may want to hire one of these developers.

May I ask why would you want something like that? I’m curious about your business.

Also, why not simply put the correct value into the COST field, leave quantity at 1 and discount at 0?

Hi denisgomes,

I work with a team of freelance website designers.

Actually I need to insert three different rates to the same line. I have changed the item name to Consultant name, and quantity to consultation charge, unit cost to conveyance charge, Discount to misc charges. We may have multiple consultants for a same contractor company (client) at the same period.

In summary, I need to add all my teammates, working for the same client at the same period in a single invoice with three charges, Consultations fee, Conveyance fee, and Misc fees and need the sum of the three charges.

I know it is complicated… but somehow I changed something in built.js (or some other files I dont remember) and was successfully got to add cost and quantity (only in the pdf).

Thanks for asking…