How to keep track of cost and retail price for product/service

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I own a small auto repair shop and I’m in the process of managing it with Invoice Ninja. However, my current CMS system is excessively expensive, and given the size of my business, it’s becoming difficult for me to handle the costs. One aspect I’m struggling with in Invoice Ninja is tracking the cost and retail price of individual parts.

In my current system, I can easily input the purchase cost of a part and the corresponding selling price. How can I achieve the same functionality within Invoice Ninja?


There’s an option on Settings > Product Settings to show the product cost field.

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If it is something I don’t keep in stock, for example, if I need to replace an alternator and I buy it for $100, I would sell it to the client for $120 when invoicing. How can I keep track of such items? The current method available is designed for products I have in stock, but since I wouldn’t have many parts in stock, I would invoice them as they are purchased.

The app doesn’t currently support setting the product cost when creating an invoice, you’d need to create the product first.

Feel free to create an issue here to request the feature:

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