How to invoice outstanding tasks and expenses together?

I can select all tasks in the task view or all expenses in the expense view and create an invoice. I cannot find a way to select tasks and expenses together or to add tasks/expenses to an existing invoice. Am I missing something or is this not possible?


It isn’t currently supported.

Is there a future feature to allow this? Even letting you create a draft and then add line items from the other page instead of creating two invoices? I often have an expense (hardware) and a task (installation) at the same time. I’d like to invoice these together.


You can add tasks/expenses to existing invoices by making sure the client is selected and then clicking ‘More Actions’ on the edit task/expense page.

In the future we may:

  • Support combining task/non-task item in one invoice
  • Support adding tasks/expenses on the edit invoice page

These are clearly useful features, it will depend on how difficult they are to implement.

I think this would be helpful for projects where their is timed labor and parts.

This post is from a while ago, it’s now supported.

I have been unable to create an Invoice with Tasks and Expenses for a single Client. I do see the option to add a Product from an Invoice created via a Task.

Here are steps that I think should work to add both Tasks and Expenses, under one Client, to a single Invoice.

  • create a Client.
  • add an Expense under Client.
  • add a Task with manual time, under Client.
  • create invoice from Task.
  • look for option on Invoice page to add an Expense.
  • save Invoice as draft.
  • look for option on Expense Edit page to add to a Draft Invoice.

Would someone please give steps to use this feature? Thanks,


See this image from Hillel to do the feature!