How to integrate bank account?

I just noticed that in a recent update there is a new transactions tab.

I then found this info: Integrate Your Banks - Invoice Ninja

and here: Yodlee Banking Integration (

I don’t see Settings > Bank Account > Connect accounts?

However, I don’t understand how to get this working. When I go to settings > bank accounts and create a bank account, it just asks for a name and that’s it. There’s no way to perform steps to integrate it with my bank/Yodlee.

Is there some further documentation? How can I get this set up?

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Yodlee is only supported on the hosted platform, the monthly fees would be prohibitive for individual users to sign up for the service. In the selfhost app you can use the CSV import.

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Thanks for confirming. While disappointing, that does make sense. The use of CSV import will still be useful :slight_smile:

Just for context, Yodlee’s minimum plan starts at $500usd/month.

Jeez, no kidding. Makes sense then!

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Yep, but the good thing is the functionality after you import a bank statement via CSV, contains ALL the features, we have advanced rules for matching expenses and invoices in a future release :slight_smile: