How to install Invoice Ninja without proc_open enabled.

Because our hosting provider isn’t very happy with enabling the proc_open function, is there any way to install Invoice Ninja without this function being enabled?

You can use SSH to run it from the command line

Hell Hillel,

SSH is disabled for our account but the issue got resolved by letting management folks talk to each other… After enabling proc_open we found also that we need proc_close and proc_status to install. We commented the lines where they were used out, following the error-logs, just to see where the next obstacle will be but the application got installed without any more problems.

Thanks for the update!

Hi there. I’m hijacking this. Is there any file that could be edited to bypass the option? I’m trying to move my hosting but don’t want to do it without invoicing.

New provider told me that they won’t enable it for security reasons.

I don’t think I have SSH access to the web host, but if I did - how would install?

They’ve suggested using the VPS that I have with them, but that’s on Windows. There’s another thread with that - I’ve not figured it yet to do a tutorial.

Thanks in advance. Sorry for being brief - in the middle of work.

Hello buddy,

because I don’t have the file that we modified to allow the installation with me and sincerely I don’t remember at the moment which was it the quick and dirty way to install it on a shared hosting package, bypassing the proc_open option is to follow the migration technique. That means:

  1. Make a local installation
  2. Export the database from the local installation
  3. Move the files from the installation to the server
  4. Make an empty database on the server and import the data from the local database into it
  5. Modify the .env file to match the server installation (app_url, db_name, db_user, db_password)
  6. Success

I don’t know if Windows is a matter of preference or a problem, but we use Windows PCs in the office and Invoice Ninja installs on WAMP without any problems. I have no experience with a VPS so I cannot help you more. Perhaps the always available and always helping Hillel can enlighten you on the matter!

hey @pmouratis - many thanks for the suggestion and info. I managed to import everything from the old install to the new server. No issues doing it this way. However - I still want to get it installed locally so I can test. I’ll try out WAMP and see how it goes - but many thanks again for your instructions!

Happy to be of help buddy!