How to install Invoice Ninja in a folder on my primary domain?


I have a Unbuntu 14.04 LAMP Server that is hosting “”. I would really like to install invoice ninja in a folder at “”.

I’ve followed all the guides and searched high and low, but all the tutorials seem to only cover an install on the root domain? Am I missing something ridiculously obvious?


It’s possible there’s a problem running the app in a folder, I’ll try to look into it for our next release.

Are you able to use a subdomain, ie.

I haven’t been able to installed on a subdomain either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Installed via bitnami
  2. Added subdomain “” to my primary domain “” using the DigitalOcean tutorial below:

A-Record = myaccount —> NEW.BITNAMI.SERVER.IP
CNAME = *.myaccount —>

  1. I’m stuck here. Getting the following webpage:

Oops! An Error Occurred
The server returned a “404 Not Found”.
Something is broken. Please let us know what you were doing when this error occurred. We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I’m not sure, with a 404 it could be a server configuration issue.

You may want to ask for help on the Digital Ocean forums.

Hi All
We temporarily ran IN on a subdirectory. We faced a lot of issues with it. Some were simpler to fix (e.g. ammending the apache rewrite configuration in the public directory, and repeat that with every update rolled out) others are basically impossible without ammending the code of IN (e.g. links in mails / links to pictures which are absolute in the templates). This is why we opted for the subdomain solution in our install.
Best regards


maybe it is helpful for somebody: If you use nginx you can use this part of my configuration if you want to run invoiceninja in a subdirectory:

I published this together with a small article which shows how i make a batch logon to a bank, download transactions and insert payments automatically in invoiceninja.

Thanks for sharing the info!