How to include a payment link?

This is a really basic question so I must be missing something, but I can’t see a way to add a payment link to an invoice. How are customers supposed to pay?

I can’t find anything in Settings > Advanced Settings > Invoice Design that would allow me to add a payment link (e.g. to Stripe or the Client portal) or even add instructions. The footer area only seems to allow text, not hyperlinks.

Maybe what I’m missing is that the instructions are supposed to go in a covering letter rather than on the invoice itself. There’s a hopeful looking $payment_url token in Settings > Templates & Reminders but I can’t find any documentation about where it goes or how to set it.


By default the app will include a link to pay in the email. The default variable is $view_button which will show a button, but it can be changed to $view_url if you want to show a link.

Thanks very much, that’s helpful. But where does $view_button point? The client page? Don’t clients need a password for that? I don’t want to force people to register just to pay a bill.

I’d like to encourage people to pay by direct BACS transfer but I haven’t found anywhere to do that.

Isn’t this sort of basic operational stuff documented anywhere? Google isn’t throwing anything up and the user guide seems to be just a list of menu options.

The $view_button links to the invoice page. Whether or not clients need to provide a password depends on the password setting on Settings > Client Portal.

You can see all variables listed here: