How to implement SOFORT payment gateway?

Hi there,

I just found the list of all supported gateways: which leads me to SOFORT:

Unfortunately I can’t find SOFORT in the dropdown. Am I looking in the wrong place? Invoiceninja => Settings => Online Payments => Add Gateway => More Options

I am using invoiceninuja as a self-hosted docker solution if that matters.

oh, if I select Stripe, I see SOFORT as an option, is that part of the Stripe solution? I was under the impression it was a standalone solution?

Correct, it’s supported through Stripe.

Thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

oh, another side note: I can only see Paypal Express and Paypal Pro in the list of gateways. It looks like with a European account I don’t get Paypal PRO but Paypal Plus although I’m not quite sure. Apparently PLUS can SEPA payments.

Is PLUS not available through invoiceninja?

I don’t believe plus is supported

Thanks, then I guess Paypal Express has to do for now.

@hilel I am no coder so I googled: “omnipay paypal plus” and found this:
Does that somehow help?

Here’s info an adding a custom Omnipay driver

Thanks, I opened a ticket as I don’t know if / how this can be added to the docker version without losing this with the next update. =>

Online Payments => Add Gateway => More Options

I don’t have Stripe here. What am I doing wrong?

If you’ve enabled another credit card gateway you’ll need to archive it.

I have now only PayPal, GoCardless and BitPay. Which one is considered to be credit card gateway?

Does it mean that I can not use Sofort together with one of these payment systems?

Sofort is supported through Stripe.

I figured out, that Stripe can be connected only if I delete GoCardless.

So I can not use them simultaneously?
Either Stripe or GoCardless?

That is correct, one or the other.