How to get Payment Link for InvoiceNinja API


I am trying to integrate the InvoiceNinja API in our platform. We would like to use InvoiceNinja for managing invoices, handling payments etc.

I would like to have a direct link to the payment page on invoiceninja. I dont want the client to click on the invoice link on the email he receives from the Invoiceninja and then go to the payment page and then make the payment.

I would like to client to go directly to the payment page, make the payment and then receive the invoice. Also, I have another question :

  1. How does the system knows if the payment is successful. Can we configure invoiceninja to send this information to a specific url, so that the system can automatically process the payment response ( success or failure) and handle it accordingly.

Using the API you can add ?include=invitations to the /invoices GET to include the link.

You can add a ‘Payment Created’ subscription on /settings/api_tokens to be notified when a payment is created.