How to enable online ACH bank transfer only

Is there any way to only offer bank transfer online payment option without offering credit cards too?

I signed up with today, hoping to use them to offer online bank transfer payment option to my customers, but when I set up Stripe gateway and enabled ACH for US bank transfers it also enabled credit cards payments as well, which I do not want to offer.

I’m using self-hosted version 4.5.4


One option is to set the max limit for credit card payments to zero.

That works. Thanks Hillel! You are the best!


On an unrelated note, why not let your customers use credit cards anyway?

My profit margins are too thin for me to pay for the fees and I worry that my customers might get offended if I try to pass the gateway fees unto them.

I also don’t want to deal with PCI compliance, I hear it’s difficult with stripe because you need to answer about 150 questions.

So I would rather only offer bank transfer online and cover the fees myself.