How To Edit The Paypal Express Invoice Details

I did a test of an invoice to make sure paypal was working. There is a small list of details that appears and explains the clients charges.

This is an invoice for 2495. I’m asking for a 1,500 down payment.

In my settings, the only fee’s I’m capturing are fee percent and fee amount (3.49% + .49).

It makes sense that the 52.84 is that fee on the 1500 deposit. However, whats this -995.00?? and why does it say taxes and fee’s? I’m not charging any taxes at all nor any other fees and why would it be a negative number?

Is this some kind of bug?

My clients will immediately question me about this as it seems sketchy. Is there a way I can remove this?

I also find it strange it displays the entire package total, but not the deposit? invoices can sometimes change

Thanks for reporting this!

@david @ben any thoughts?

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I’ve changed the implementation of the line items back to just the Invoice Number for this.

Changes will be available shortly.

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