How to edit predefined Mail Text


how i can manipulating the predefined E-Mail textsince last update i have a $client variable in my Mail Body and i dont need that.... i can clear it before sending but itnot nice :smiley:



The email templates can be configured on Settings > Templates & Reminders

okay i take a look thanks, but this $client variable is new :smiley:

@david any thoughts about the variable?

here is a picture

That should be resolved to the client’s name in the email

okay, but before the last update i have defined a custom email template under Settings > EMail Settings

and before the last update was the text like here without the $client variable

that`s confusing :smiley:

I suggest removing it from one place or another otherwise it will be shown twice.

good morning,

okay today i have a customer meeting, but after that i play i little bit around with that… i think there is a solution for me.

Have a nice day

sorry i forgot this thread, but the solution is right… under Settings > Templates & Reminders…

Setting up all Templates for each Mail and all works fine…