How to disable required login to pay for invoices in the client portal?

Is there a way to disable “Requiring” clients to register or login when paying for invoices? I can’t seem to find the setting anywhere in v5. Please Advise.


There is a password option on Settings > Client Portal > Authorization

No matter if I set it to on or off, it is still requiring a login - here is a test invoice:

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@david @ben any ideas?

I am sure this is intentionally done, so we can have client references for payments. @turbo124 should we modify this to make payment client-less?

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Any update here?

Clients should not be required to login. this was not required on v4 and now it’s required. It should work to allow users to view and download invoices from the portal. Also pay invoices if they’d like to, and create an account if their info needs to be saved.

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@david any thoughts on this?

This link isn’t the correct link to give to a client. The link above assume the user is already logged in.

In the App, on the invoice, click on contacts and then click Copy Link. This is a magic link that will not require user authentication.

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Ahh this is correct. Kinda hidden. This should most likely be the primary link accessible with the 3 dots button. Works for me now though. Thanks @david

Re-opening this with a similar issue. Instead of having to manually send that “magic link” to the client manually, is there anyway to put that link in the invoice email? Or just disable client login altogether?


There should be a $view_link variable by default in the email templates, this will allow the user direct access to the invoice unless password protection is turned on.