How to delete companies?

I can’t find any option to delete a company.

Under “Manage Companies” I can see the companies but can’t delete them, only create.


You can delete a company on /settings/account_management

Thanks for the quick reply, I was afraid to click “Delete Account” it’s a bit ambiguous, I don’t know if I am deleting my Invoiceninja account or the company inside my Invoiceninja account.

What you are saying is that that button deletes the company created inside the Invoiceninja account, correct?


Yes, that’s correct.

I really think this option should be under the "Manage Companies” page. You can’t do anything on that page, only create a company.


The manage companies page is only shown if the user has more than one company, if the delete account/company was there a user with one company wouldn’t see it.

I think a full solution would require more work.

I also think the “Buy Now” buttons are to hidden away. Why are they under Settings -> Client Portal? Is a Buy Now button a setting? And why under client portal??

It should have it’s own entry in the main menu, I think it’s one of the most useful features.


Thanks for the feedback!

Just as I feared, my invoiceninja account got deleted…

First I selected the company I wanted to delete (a test company), then I clicked the delete button and now my WHOLE invoiceninja account is deleted.

Don’t know what to think about this…

Each company has its own email address, have you tried logging in with the original account’s email address?

You are right, I was able to login with the other email :smiley: