How to Delete a Product?

How can I delete (or archive) a product? I am using the Hosted Invoice Ninja product.

I’m using PostMan to experiment with deleting Invoice Ninja products. I’m following the docs using this endpoint:


This returns Status 202 OK, but the Body of the response contains the Login page and the product is not deleted. A GET request returns this product (958) and shows it is not deleted or archived.

If I change this request to delete a client, it works. All I do is change the endpoint to clients/777 for example, without changing the headers or anything else, and the request works – the client is deleted.

Is there something wrong with the products endpoint? Am I doing something wrong in my request?

Thank you.

I’m not sure, from the code it looks like it should work:

You may want to consider migrating to v5, the API is much more reliable.

So, what’s the base url for V5? I couldn’t find it on the site.

The v5 URL is