How to create timesheet for a single customer as PDF

Hi, I’m evaluating the self-hosted version right now - and am loving what I see :wink:
What I am missing right now is the possibility to create a formatted timesheet report for a single customer.
The background: Before I send an invoice, I always need a project manager to sign a timesheet with my working hours of the last month.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, timesheets are a missing feature. Maybe you use the task report and export the data?

I think this can be done on base of the already tracked time tracker information. Is this something I can maybe do on my own using an existing module code as example?

It should be possible using the API

Hi Hillel, is there any docu / examples availalbe on how to extend invoiceninja? I am new to it - so would need some advise :wink:

We’re evaluating InvoiceNinja, and for our grant reporting, we need per-project timesheets separate from our invoices. Is there a clean way to do this, either with the existing interface, or with the API+module approach mentioned here?

Sorry, I don’t have a solution to provide currently