How to create an upfront invoice for an hourly based project


I need to create an upfront invoice for a project that will be hourly invoiced with no pre-defined end but I don’t know how to do that.
Basically I want to create an upfront invoice linked to a project without any work has been entered into the system. Later I will create some tasks and I will time track those. Those tasks need to be aware of the upfront payment to invoice accordingly.
I’m sure this is something very simple in invoice ninja, but I’m not able to figure out how to link together the upfront, the invoice based on time track.

Could you provide some hints on how to do that?


Are you using v4 or v5?

I’m using the hosted version in so I guess that it is the latest one. How could I confirm the version?

Thanks, that means you’re using v4.

One option may be to create a credit on file which could be used to mark the invoices as paid.

Could you please point me to the right resource/documentation to do that? I’m evaluating invoicing apps and I haven’t much experience with Invoice Ninja.

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Ok, I see that the credit entry is just to somehow track that I owe some money to a client, but how can I use that credit in an invoice. I’ve seen but I’m not able to see the Apply Credit in the hosted app.

Basically what I want is to stream line this use case:

  1. Agree on the client on an hourly rate
  2. Create an invoice of a flat amount to be paid before start working.
  3. The client pays and I somehow link that amount to a client’s project.
  4. I start working, and issue first invoice for the project. The upfront payment is shown as a discount in the invoice.

Event if that is not possible in a completely automated way, how would you orchestrate the different features of Invoice Ninja to have this functionality, both for me to track that upfront payment and for the client to see that it is taken care of in the corresponding invoices.

The ‘apply credit’ option should be visible when creating a new payment.

Could you just create two invoices, the first is paid and the second is discounted so it’s free.