How to clone quote to another company not client


Is there a way to clone a quote from company A to client 1, to company B to client 1?

Also is there a single dashboard to see overview of Company A & B quotes, invoices, tasks etc?



  1. No, but in v5 you can use groups to have one company appear as multiple companies

  2. Using groups would also solve this

Hi Hillel,

Thank you for making the time to create such beautiful and simple app.

Sorry I’m not sure if I understand your comments above.

When I created new group in settings, I can only enter details for 1 company and can add as many clients.

Can I create custom field to chose Company A or B in quote, invoice,expense?


The invoice/quote/etc is assigned to a client and the client belongs to a group, which acts as the company.

Does that make sense?

Thanks Hillel,

That makes sense and I tried it in the demo.

But the result shows an overlap address from parent company and group company WKS as shown in the image below.

Result was

Not sure if I’m doing anything wrong.


Creating a new company under the group show’s 0 clients.

Have you assigned any clients to the group?

Hi Hillel,

I tried again and it works as you mentioned with a few issues.

On quotation, its displays the correct WKS address and client info. However the company name & logo is still Hilpert-Bauch instead of WKS.

So I have a quotation showing Hilpert-Bauch with WKS address.

Also clicking on delivery note checkbox creates error 400

How do I fix this?

Just FYI,

  • Pdf cannot be generated if I upload a logo in the Group Settings.
  • this only works when creating groups with main company Hilpert-Bauch.
  • Any additional company i create using the top left menu gives me errors when changing and saving settings.