How to choose a payment term when creating an invoice?

I have a series of payment terms set up. Eg. 7 day, 30 day…

I have it set to 7 as default but I realised I don’t know how to manually change an invoice to another payment term. When I write “Net 30” in the due date box for example, it doesn’t calculate 30 days ahead like I’d expect.

This prompted me to ask the question, how do you choose the payment term per invoice if you want to override the default?

My suggestion would be to have a drop down where you can select pre-defined payment terms as well. This currently doesn’t seem to be there.


Invoice don’t have an individual payment term, they have a due date which is set based on the client/group/company payment term.

It’s possible we could add support for basic math in the datepicker, ie. +30 would add 30 days to today.

That would be good.

I have clients that usually have 7 day payment terms but for some invoices I want to extend that out to 30 days. It’s tedious to figure out what is x days ahead in some cases and click through the calendar to apply it on some individual invoices.