How to change COUNTRY NAME and add STAMP on invoice and quotation

Hello all,

I want modify these feautures:
1./ I want change COUNTRY NAME because some special requirement. Example: HONG KONG → HONG KONG SAR in all field of invoiceninja
2./ I want add stamp to the invoice and quotes? How can I add this?

I am running the InvoiceNinja self-hosted 5.2.5.
Thank you!


  1. It may work to add a custom translation for “country_Hong Kong” on Settings > Localization
  2. Maybe you can use the built in created_at or updated_at fields, otherwise you could add a custom field but would need to set it manually

For the stamp, if I want PNG file to add in the front invoice is okay?

Sorry, I misread it as timestamp.

@ben any thoughts on adding a stamp, maybe using a custom dropdown field with the image as base64?

@call2vn it’d be awesome if you could provide an example? Example screenshot, drawing, whatever fits easiest for you :slight_smile:

Hi Ben,

This is my sample of my stamp images.STAMP-FULLSIZE-RS

And I want put the stamp on the invoice and quotation like this sample

Thank you!

hi @ben , can you check it for me?

That should be possible using a custom design. Open invoice editor in your admin panel, add just add basic HTML tag with an image. That should be it.