How to change contact person on client statement?

How can I change the contact person listed on a client statement? It seems to just always use the first contact that was ever added to the client? It doesn’t seem to check and use the primary contact.


In v4 the first contact is considered the primary contact, the app doesn’t support changing it.

@hillel What is the field “is_primary” for in the “clients” table?

Do you mean the contacts table?

@hillel Yes, sorry, what is the field “is_primary” for in the “contacts” table?

It determines which contact is considered the primary for the client and is used as the default.

@hillel In which case is the contact with “is_primary”=1 in the database actually used for anything in v4 if the first contact is always considered the primary contact?

In general they’ll be the same, the app doesn’t support changing the value in the web interface but it should be possible to change using the API.

Does that answer your question?

@hillel I tried setting the is_primary flag on a different contact in the database, but it still seems to always select the first contact when generating statements regardless. Seems like the is_primary flag is ignored?

Yes, that’s possible

I would call this a wishlist item then for some point in v5 (unless it’s been changed there already? I may not be mentally keeping up with what updates are live) – the ability to easily change the primary contact, or better, to select the primary contact per project or per invoice as is implied by the checkboxes when creating an invoice.

My use case, at least, is that I work with different “contact” people on different projects from one paying “client” organization, and sometimes there is staff turnover. If an invoice is directed to the wrong contact person(s) it causes confusion, makes me look like I’m not paying attention (which can also happen…), and can get declined.

Yall have a great product here already though!

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll keep this in mind for v5 statements.

cc @david