How to change client side app url?

As you can see from the image, after updating the APP URL in the env, it is reflected in invoice ninja, however when I try to download the pdf which I believe is on the client side seems to take the previous or the value that has been before the updation. Please share your thoughts

Where is this address being fetched from?

PS Also Webmin isn’t opening as well

@hillel @david Any ideas?


It may help to load /update?secret=secret in the browser.

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Hi, I just did force update in the App and now it gives out error 408, any idea how to revert it?

Are there any details about the error in the web server error logs or in storage/logs?

WOWWWW THIS SEEM TO HAVE WORKED! Absolute lifesaver! Also any idea as to why the webmin is not reachable?