How to BCC an email address for all outbound notifications

TLDR; You need to add a BCC to all outgoing mail so someone other than the guy who wrote the quote can help the customer.


Our company is split into departments. One department is Sales (who sends invoices and quotes). The other is Helpdesk (that takes over the activation and support process after the quote is paid). Both departments share the ticket system (where everything is logged).

My complaint about Invoice Ninja is that outbound notifications do not contain enough information to help anyone. What good does a simple notice that says “Invoice was paid.” Duh. That’s real helpful. I get that notification from Stripe. If you’re a one-man-show then you need to login to Invoice Ninja, find the quote, maybe print it out or whatever then go fill the order (or, our case, setup the server). It’s time consuming.

If you’re a reasonably large organization then you need to shovel this information over to the department that’s going to handle it. For example… the shipping department or your fullfillment service.

If you need to BCC all outgoing messages to another address then follow these basic instructions. Keep in mind this will be over-written if you upgrade later.

nano app/Ninja/Mailers/Mailer.php

Add the BCC address field:

$message->to($toEmail) ->from($fromEmail, $fromName) ->bcc(' ', 'Sales Department') ->replyTo($replyEmail, $fromName) ->subject($subject);

I did want to note that I am kinda joking about the notifications. The fact is that Invoice Ninja is awesome. The fact that I can even fix this kind of issue on my own without begging some developer is pretty amazing. Thanks for the great product!

Thanks for the feedback, happy to hear you were able to figure out a solution. Open-source software FTW!

As I see it the value of our notification emails over Stripe emails is our emails contain a link directly to the invoice.

Our app supports data subscriptions, you should be able to use it have the app automatically send the invoice info to your ticketing system when a payment is made. There’s some info about it here, if you need more help let us know.

Yes. The direct link does help but we also try to avoid requiring our Helpdesk staff login to various websites whenever possible.

Honestly I think the current setup is best. For those of us that need the entire quote sent someplace we can make that change.

I did want to comment that when a customer approves a quote it should send them a copy of the invoice (not just the initial quote). Just my two cents.

Thanks again for an awesome product!

Thanks, that’s a good suggestion. We’ll look into adding it in a future release.