How to auto-bill only recurring invoices

Is it possible to auto-bill for recurring invoices but not regular ones? Would I need to create separate client profiles, one for auto-billing purposes?

This isn’t supported, I guess using multiple clients would work but it may cause other problems (ie, reporting).

Quick question… I see that there is an auto-bill option when creating recurring invoices, which I have set to Opt-out. I have a client who has put their card on file with stripe and the portal shows Auto-bill: Enabled. I assume that means that when the next invoice is generated that this customer will be automatically charged according to my settings (ie. on due date), correct?

This same customer has two more, non-recurring invoices in the past two weeks, neither of which has auto-billed. This is actually the behavior I want, but your message above says that it’s not supported, so I’m confused.

Furthermore, I used a test client to create 3 recurring invoices with different auto-bill setting: Always, Opt-in, and Opt-out. When I view this client in the portal I can enable and disable auto-billing for each invoice that is not Auto-bill:Always, which is also great, but I want to get some clarity on how this all works.

Thanks in advance

They should, assuming there is a card on file.

Auto billing is only applied to recurring invoices.

Oh, okay because that was my original question, but you said wasn’t supported? I wish to auto-bill recurring invoices but not manual ones. Clients really like to store card info though for later use.

If I’m hearing you right this is exactly as it is designed to work, no? I have successfully verified that auto-billing is enabled on a per invoice basis (recurring invoice, not each generated one), not that I really need that yet, but it is good to know it’s possible.


I think I may have misunderstood your original question.

In regards to the topic of Stripe gateway and auto billing of recurring invoices;

If “Require client to provide their billing address” option is checked in the Stripe payment options and both “Require client to confirm that they accept the invoice terms.”, “Require client to provide their signature.” options are enabled in the client portal options; Will the client need to do this for every recurring invoice before they are auto billed? Or does the auto billing bypass these?

The software is really great, just wondering how you are handling auto billing with the complexity of all these options.

Auto billing would bypass it

Thanks Hillel, we appreciate the well implemented software!

Thanks, that’s nice to hear :slight_smile: