How to apply credit that is less than invoice total

I am confused on how to apply a credit to an invoice when the total is MORE than the invoice total, and I am not entering any other additional payment. I also do not see a way to include a credit while creating an invoice to have it automatically apply.

Whether I try to “enter payment” or “apply credit” I end up at this screen. If I leave the “amount received” at 0 because I have not been paid yet but have the credit selected…IN does take the credit off but also marks the whole invoice as paid. What I need to do is apply the small credit, have the invoice reflect the new amount, and then send that new invoice amount to the customer.

How do I simply apply the credit on this screen?


You’d want to change the amount received value for the invoice from 1010 to 40.

Okay thank you. It seems a little redundant to have enter the credit amount manually.

Thank you!

It’s needed to support entering a payment which is only partially from a credit.

Makes sense. Thanks again for your support.

So I just applied the credit to an invoice successfully… I then emailed the invoice to the client… And the PDF generated does not show the credit, but still shows the original total?

I am doing this from the mobile app which looks different from the desktop web interface, so maybe I just need to do it from there, but something didn’t work, right.

The total should remain the same but I’d expect the balance to be updated.

For some reason the credit applied is not shown the recent emailed invoice. Balance is the original amount. I also noticed (doing this from the mobile app) that the email attached 1 of 2 documents I recently uploaded into the system under company - documents. Odd behaviors from mobile app need to sort his out when I can get back to my PC.

If you can reproduce the problem please create an issue on GitHub.

Note: the mobile and desktop apps share the same codebase so are essentially the same app, the React web app is a separate codebase however.

No issue! This was all ME.

I had stripped down the invoice design too far and not run into this billing situation yet. So once I got the credit applied as you instructed…it was not reflected in PDF simply because I had removed fileds/strings that I thought I did not need.

The other issue with the document being attached was just something I did not previously understand. It seems if you upload documents to the Company - Documents area, they get attached to emails. Good to know how that function works now and no harm was done in what was sent.

Thank you yet again. How many drinks are owed at this point?

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!