How to add custom payment type

In Canada the most common manual payment method for invoices is Interac E-Transfer.
How to add this to the payment type dropdown? There’s about every other payment method there and E-Transfer should be an added option.
Also, since there are so many payment methods that are only applicable to other countries, is there a way to select payment methods to hide (so that it’s faster to select the payment method you use frequently)?


@david thoughts?


Is this a Bank Transfer ? we can add it to the list.

The payment method should be added and just called “Interac E-Transfer”. It’s different from bank transfer as this is email money transfer that anyone can send/receive only in Canadian banks. More about INTERAC e-Transfer

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loaded in for the next release

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@david - I’m curious about this as well, but I don’t see INTERAC e-Transfer as an option in payment methods yet. Has this been added? Or by “next release” do you mean a specific milestone, like 5.6?

It should be present when creating a payment?

I can confirm it’s there as I have been using the E-Transfer payment method in invoiceninja for months

@david Currently running v5.5.99 and don’t see it. Should I be doing something different? Does it have to be enabled somewhere?


Checked the payment_types table in the database and it doesn’t exist there either. Fresh self hosted install of 5.5.99 with an imported company from a v4 install. The only thing I can think of is that importing from v4 overwrites it somehow with the payment methods that existed in v4. But that sounds broken if that’s the case.


Do you see Klarna in there? These were added back in May 2022. We may need to add in another migration which checks for these payment types.


Do you see Klarna in there?

I don’t, no. I haven’t done a fresh install on another virtual directory to test yet, but I’m suspicious that the migration from v4 may have done this.

Here’s my v5 payment_type table (after migration). Keep in mind I’ve just gone from 5.5.99 (started with this and migrated from 4.5.50 to 5.5.99), and just went to 5.5.102 about an hour ago. No change, what you see below is live from 5.5.102.

id name
1 Bank Transfer
2 Cash
3 Debit
5 Visa Card
6 MasterCard
7 American Express
8 Discover Card
9 Diners Card
10 EuroCard
11 Nova
12 Credit Card Other
13 PayPal
14 Google Wallet
15 Check
16 Carte Blanche
17 UnionPay
18 JCB
19 Laser
20 Maestro
21 Solo
22 Switch
23 iZettle
24 Swish
25 Venmo
26 Money Order
27 Alipay
28 Sofort
30 GoCardless
31 Crypto
32 Credit
33 Zelle

For comparison, here’s the same table from my v4 instance:

id name
1 Apply Credit
2 Bank Transfer
3 Cash
4 Debit
6 Visa Card
7 MasterCard
8 American Express
9 Discover Card
10 Diners Card
11 EuroCard
12 Nova
13 Credit Card Other
14 PayPal
15 Google Wallet
16 Check
17 Carte Blanche
18 UnionPay
19 JCB
20 Laser
21 Maestro
22 Solo
23 Switch
24 iZettle
25 Swish
26 Venmo
27 Money Order
28 Alipay
29 Sofort
31 GoCardless
32 Bitcoin
33 Zelle

Is there anything besides the above information you need for this @david ? Happy to provide more info if you need something specific to make the missing payment methods appear for v5 installations migrated from v4.


In the next release, i’ll update the migration to place a check on the payment types and reinsert any missing ones.

In the next release, i’ll update the migration to place a check on the payment types and reinsert any missing ones.

Confirmed. Just updated from 5.5.102 to 5.5.104 and I see the missing payment methods now. Thanks @david !

@David Could you also add a payment type for Cash App, since you have one for Venmo? Just want to keep actual cash payment separate. For now I’m using ACH and putting in the reference number, but it feels odd.

@david - I just upgraded and migrated over the weekend. I also am not seeing venmo and others mentioned above either. I noticed that the gateway_type_id is null for these payment types in the payment_types table. I assume we should a 1 to these?


The database only has the partial list, this is a legacy we brought over from v4, new Payment types are entered as constants in the PaymentType.php model

@anthony_Jr I’ve added Cash App in as a payment type, which will be available in the next release.