How to add custom CSS to client dashboard view

I’m using the self-hosted version and trying to hide a couple areas of the client dashboard - specifically the Total Invoiced and Paid to Date.

I’ve tried everything, updating each of these files:

  • public/css/customCss.css file
  • public/css/built.public.css
  • /resources/views/invited/dashboard.blade.php

However, nothing seems to change the display of the page. Even when deleting these files or others the pages seem to be the same.
I’ve also cleared all local cache and server-side (even restarted the server).

Nothing that I do seems to have any effect on the system.

It sure seems like a caching problems.

Has anyone else run into this before?

(I’m running the self-hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet)

You could try adding dd(‘hello’); to the top of app/Http/routes.php to check if any changes are reflected.

In the past we had a client who had setup the application in two places and didn’t realize they were editing the wrong install.


THANKS for mentioning that. I started looking around and didn’t see any other /ninja folders, but then I looked closer to the FTP settings and saw that they were pointing to the WRONG SERVER! (one where I had done a test install). Then I went to the live server and found 2 installs there. I have NO IDEA how I got 2 installs on the live server, but I did FINALLY find the one that was live and got the files updated.
It would be nice to have a document that listed the major pages of the site (like the dashboard file) and where to find the files in the directory structure.
(If that doesn’t already exist I might find time to create something like that - I’ll definitely need it for minor tweaking).

Thanks again for the help (and the great system).