How to add a wire transfer details to the bank account?


I want to display the wire transfer details on a invoice especially when I chose the bank transfer as the payment method.

I have different data for domestic wire transfer (ABA routing number, account number) and different data for international wire transfer (SWIFT/BIC Code, IBAN, account number). It’s similar for the second bank.
It would be nice to have ability of choosing which data should be added, while creating invoice.
How to do it?

Currently there is no ability to add it in my bank account (Settings > Bank Accounts).

I have a small feature request.
Please add three textareas to bank account details (Settings > Bank Accounts):

  • Domestic wire transfer
  • International wire transfer
  • Other wire transfer

And also option to chose one of them while creating invoice (and adequate functions in invoice designer).


Here are some options:

  • Create a custom invoice dropdown field to select the details per invoice

  • Create a group for each method and assign the client to the group based on which option is applicable

This is good if there isn’t too much text to set.

This is much better but still isn’t perfect.
I created custom field “Bank details” with multi-line text for the company settings (Settings > Custom Fields > Company). Than I created a group for each type of wire transfer from each bank, and in each group I filled field “Bank details” with relevant data. Now each customer have to be assigned to one of those groups. Also I set do display this field in invoice designer.

I still hope to implement the new functionality, as I described above.