How to add a pagebreak in invoice designer?


I’m selfhosting with a whitelabel. I have created my invoice design. However my Terms are split on two pages. I’m struggling to find how to add a pagebreak before them. Using a custom design based on playful preset

Pasted the code here:

My Terms are at the bottom like so:


I tried google’ing but any code involving adding some kind of pagebreak code has failed me.

Here’s an example:

I found that link aswell before posting here. I wasn’t able to get it working though… I’ll try again.

Sorry to bother. But is anyone who understand the code willing to help me out? I don’t know where or how to add the pagebreak code. I just want my terms to appear on the second page.

Been trying all sorts of code from the example link you gave me, but I only get red crosses that say I’m garbage :slight_smile:

Sorry for the bump, but after all this time I still have this problem. I’m using a custom design based on the preset ‘playful’. My long text of terms span across the first and second page. Still can’t figure out how to put them on a seperate page. Anyone been able to figure this out?

Using your code I was able to put a line brake like so:

     "pageBreak": "after"
    "stack": [
    "style": "invoiceDocuments"


Thank you hero!