How do you total up gross taxable income?

Self hosted, 4.1.4

The tax rate report doesn’t seem to total up the gross, just the tax amount. How would I go about finding the “gross taxable income” for 2017?

Thank you!

In our next release we’re adding additional columns to the reports.

Until then you’d need to export the data to calculate the totals.

Those screenshots do not indicate anything about totaling gross taxable income. Will that be included in the next update?

The tax report will have ‘Tax Amount’ and ‘Invoice Amount’ columns.

Just to be clear…

Invoice #1
Service: Clean Computer $10 (non taxable)
Product: USB Flash Drive $10 + $1 tax
Invoice subtotal: $20
Invoice total: $21

Invoice #2
Product: USB Flash Drive $10 + $1 tax
Invoice subtotal: $10
Invoice total: $11

  1. Gross Taxable Income: $20
  2. Total Taxes Paid: $2
  3. Gross Taxable Income + Tax Paid: $22
  4. Gross Total: $32

To be clear, I’m looking for a way to calculate all 4 of the above, are all 4 of those doable in the upcoming update?

Thank for clarifying.

This won’t be supported in the reports in our next release but we’ll keep it in mind for the future.

Thank you for being honest.

However, it is extremely important (for me) that this feature be implemented by next year. I have already totaled all my invoices up manually for this tax year (2017) and I do not want to go through that again next year.

If you can say with certainty that those totals can be added by next year, I am happy to keep using and recommending Invoice Ninja, otherwise I will have to find a new invoicing software. Please don’t think of this as an attack “if you don’t add this feature, I will stop using it!”. I do not mean it as an attack, I simply only wish to explain my perspective for clarity.

Please, oh please, can you guarantee that we can add this feature sometime in the next 12 months? I am a one person business, I have no employees and this software is perfect besides being unable to total up tax summaries.

Whatever your may be, thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into Invoice Ninja.

Sorry, our policy is not to commit to features.

That said, I agree this is important and we’ll certainly attempt to support it.

Are you still using the app?

I’ve looked into it, it’s more complicated than it seems.

I am interested in reviving this topic. As a business I am requested every quarter to file and pay taxes on my sales & use taxes. I am trying to figure out a way to export a report that will give me the information I need to file my taxes without adding up each of the totals individually. Since this ticket was first created, has there been any progress made in creating these reports? Thank you for your help.

I definitely want to add these columns and maybe a “exempt amount” for non-taxable stuff. So I could report both total and exempt amounts (which would end up taxable amount). And, while I am at it, can you please group/total on tax type??? I’m no longer self hosted or I’d work on it myself.