How do you manage your inventory?

Hi to all,
I’m using over a year the lovely program self-hosted and I’m mostly very pleased with it.

One problem that I cannot manage though is the lack of inventory management.
It would be really great if we had the option to manage a simple inventory with the option to add per item.
picture, sales price, purchase price and qty. It is very time consuming to create an invoice and also having to go to a file where I for example keep my inventory manually and remove manually the qty of the products per client…

I’m still using the v4 of invoice ninja since I’m trying to install v5 but always getting in a loop on the installation page…
So my question goes to all of you who somehow dealing with inventory management.
What are the options we have? open-source and self-hosted…

Thank you in advance.

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FYI, we’d like to add a simple inventory solution in v5 with time…

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Hey, that would be great.

Do you have in mind approximately when you will probably release such a feature?
Thank you.

EDIT: Also I found the below, any idea on how I can install it through xampp?

Sorry, no clue on timeframe

Thanks, will research your link…