How do passwords work when I check this option?

I have enabled Password protected invoices, but when I send myself an invoice, I am never being asked to set a password?

Some clients are concerned about not having a password, and I would like to get a better understanding of how this feature works.

Thank you so much!


If you’re logged into the app as an admin you won’t be asked for a password, I suggest testing with a different browser. Note: a password needs to be set for the contact.

I tried to access this link from a private safari browser (first example was chrome) and I still was not prompted for a password. Any thoughts?

[redacted link]

Can you please confirm the password feature is enabled on Settings > Client Portal and the contact has a password set?

Hi there,

the feature is definitely turned on, but I was never prompted at any point to set a password for the client, nor was I asked as the client to set a password.

When does Invoice Ninja ask for me to set a password? How do I even do this?

You can either have the app auto-set a password when the invoice is emailed or you can manually set a password by editing the client.