How do I configure PayPal Platform?

I just created a PayPal account and was trying to set it up in Invoice Ninja. I heard about the recent Venmo integration, and wanted to set that up as well. As instructed at Updated PayPal integration now includes Venmo! - Free Invoicing Software for Small Businesses | Invoice Ninja I chose “PayPal Platform” as the provider when creating the payment gateway. Unfortunately, there are no fields available to tell it how to link to my PayPal account. Either of the other PayPal options do provide fields for configuring credentials. Am I missing something? Having trouble finding any clear instructions.


I see a problem in the desktop app, I suggest trying the web app.

I am using the web app.

Are you logging in at or

I believe the second option should work.

You know… a redirect would have been nice, or at least an email notification.

Thanks for clarifying that.

Either web app can be used (for now). The login link on the main site has been updated to point to the new web app but people can continue to use the old one. This is an isolated bug which will be fixed ASAP.