How do I change the App URL after migration?

I migrated between servers (Containered) and everything is working fine so war. However, each time I am doing XMLHttpRequest, the app tries to get the PDF from my old domain.
I updated the APP_URL in the new installation to an ip address as followed:


But looking at the network tab in my browser, I see that the request goes to my old domain. I tried editing the .env file, but I could not find it.
Also, all the customer portal URLs point at my old URL


You’ll need to update the APP_URL value .env file, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t see it.

Can you explain further? I have the env file containing my docker environment variables. I updated my APP_URL there and rebuilt it, but this did not take any effect.

Since I transfered the volumes to my new installation, I thought I might have also transfered the old APP_URL in some environemnt file.

I suppose the .env file is the Laravel native environment file, not the env file for the docker containers. I updated the APP_URL in the docker environments as I showed above, but that did not fix the issue. Also, I did not manage to find the Laravel env file. Correct me if I am completely off track.
In which file do I have to update what?

Thanks, understood.

@david may have some suggestions, otherwise you may want to consider creating an issue on the GitHub repo to ask for advice there.

Thanks, I might do that.
Also, I could not find any official documentation or discussion on how to migrate containers between servers (Also between domains and architectures). Am I the only one having struggle with this?