How can I tell if a client selected Opt-In to autopay recurring bills?

My clients can opt-in to autopay recurring bills.
I just received payment but can’t tell if the client selected to opt-in or not. Is there a way to determine this without directly asking the client?
Thanks for the help, Mary

If you’re using Stripe there will be a ‘View in Stripe’ button on the client overview page if we captured their card details.

I’m using Braintree, but I just went to the overview and I see this:
Visa Credit Card - Added Nov 30, 2016 [Autobill Payment Method] ×

Does this mean the client opted in to autopay monthly?
Thanks again, Mary

In that case you can check in the client portal if their payment details have been captured.

  1. Is this what you mean by payment details?

Jasonville Roofing & Contracting entered payment xxx12pxx for R0006

  1. If yes, then are you saying the payment code above signifies that CC details were captured for future billing?

There’s a ‘View client portal’ link on the client overview page next to the contact details.

If their card details are on file you’ll see a ‘Payment Methods’ section on the client dashboard.

Ahh, I never clicked on the Payments tab. Got it now.
Thank you so much for your help. You deserve a 5 star rating!

I just noticed this in your comment “Visa Credit Card – Added Nov 30, 2016 [Autobill Payment Method]”, that means their card is on file.

In the client portal on the invoices page there should be a ‘Manage Autobill’ button which enables your client to configure each invoice.